Noragami Cosplay Yukine Hat Accessories for Yukine Cap

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Noragami Cosplay Yukine Hat Accessories for Yukine Cap

Inspired By Anime Noragami

Character: Yukine

Including: Hat+ XCOSER Metal Logo

Material: Wool

XCOSER is World Top Brand for Cosplay Costumes and Accessories


Yukine is Yato's shinki and was found by the minor god as as uncorrupted wandering spirit. When he is called by his shinki name "Sekki", Yukine transforms into a silver katana. His name is "Yuki", as a regalia, "Sekki", formal name "Yukine".

Yukine is first portrayed in the manga as being a bit cold and cruel, although in the anime his coldness is toned down. He is clearly upset and annoyed at the fact that he died, and became Yato's weapon, complaining about staying with someone like him. As a result of this and the fact that people cannot see him well, Yukine takes advantage of this and other people, stealing money, clothes, and even betraying Hiyori. Yukine though seems to feel jealous over others who are alive, upset about the fact that he is dead and cannot make friends and learn what other students do. He is also apparently afraid of the dark.

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