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Movie: Batman
Character: Deathstroke
Material: PVC
Color: As Shown 
Including: Mask



Deathstroke,made by genetic modification, formerly known as Slade Wilson, is a cruel, cunning and invincible soldier and the world's greatest tactician and assassin. He is the bane of teen titans and had once fought against batman of justice league.

Xcoser Deathstroke mask is the Dream Work of the Deathstroke fans. The mask looks almost the same as the one in the Batman:Arkham Origins. 

Material: PVC
Size: One Size
Weight: about 0.5kg

Q: When and where can I use this Deathstroke mask?
A: This Deathstroke mask is specially designed for Deathstroke cosplay. It can also be used at COSTUME PARTY and FESTIVALS.
Q: Can we see when we wear Deathstroke helmet?
A: Yes, we can see very clear when we wear Deathstroke helmet through left eye position.>
Q: Why buying this helmet from Xcoser?
A: Our helmet is by far the closest resemblance to the Deathstroke helmet. DON'T HESITATE IN BUYING; SOMETIMES I NEVER GET THE SAME MASK AGAIN.

Q: Why so many people love Deathstroke mask
A: Deathstroke is a super villain in the comic; he is the greatest tactician and assassin in the world.

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