Naruto Mask

Naruto Mask Uchiha Madara Mask Obito Mask Anime Mask

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Naruto Mask Uchiha Madara Mask Obito Mask Anime Mask

Anime: Naturo

Character: Uchiha Madara

Color: Red / Orange

Including: A mask

Material: PVC


Dimension: Length*Width: 27*18cm; Weight: about 0.8KG

Naruto mask, classical anime mask!

Naruto mask, the very right mask for you! Fits for Halloween, costume ball and themed party.

The Naruto mask fits for most adults and teen with a flexible string.

Naruto mask is made of high quality material and is light, wearing very comfortably.

Naruto, a classical and popular around the world anime. Naruto is a Japanese manga series. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and dreams to become the Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all. The series is based on a one-shot manga by Kishimoto that was published in the August 1997 issue of Akamaru Jump. Naruto is one of the best-selling manga series in history, it has sold more than 200 million copies in 37 countries and areas in the world since its first publised in 1997 and it has been continued for 15 years.On 10, November this year, Naruto will draw a perfect full stop in Weekly Shonen Jump.

Madara Uchiha, the supreme antagonist in Naruto, is one of the co-founders of the Hidden Leaf Village along with Hashirama Senju, the two later revealed to be reincarnations of their clans' founding ancestors Indra and Asura prior to Sasuke and Naruto.

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