Archer Hoodie, Fate Stay Night Cosplay
Archer Hoodie Fate Stay Night Cosplay Costume - Xcoser Costume

Archer Hoodie Fate Stay Night Cosplay Costume

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Archer Hoodie Fate Stay Night Cosplay Costume

Anime: Fate/Stay Night

Character: Archer

Size: M, L, XL

Including: A Hoodie

Material: French terry, Fleece


Archer hoodie, a cool and fashionable for Archer fans! Fits for daily life, or as a gift for friends who is archer fans.

This hoodie is zip-up coat with fleece lining, soft and warm.

Fate/stay night is a Japanese visual novel developed by Type-Moon, which was originally released as an adult game for Windows. Then a 24-episode anime series created by Studio Deen aired in Japan between January 6 and June 16, 2006. A Fate/stay night film was also created by Studio Deen and was released in Japanese theaters on January 23, 2010. A new Fate/stay night anime produced by Ufotable premiered on October 4, 2014. Another Fate/stay night film has also been green-lit.

In Fate, Archer is a nameless hero who gives up his life in order to let his master, Rin, escape along with Saber and Shirou.